The Waleu
The Maxcril Group (Waleu, Maxcril, Norma and Waleuzinho) works on developing products that serve from the school stage to adulthood. The main segments served are: Office, School and Organization.
Production line
Key Components
The union and skills that contribute to growth.
Key components for Waleu´s growth.
Undertaking means effort. And it is the collective effort, and the union of many people that make dreams come true. This is what the word company means.

Behind Waleu there are qualified and skilled professionals who regardless of academic background or social class, are people with different life experiences, and the dedication of our employees in applying their experiences and turn ideas into reality towards growth purposes is what has made Waleu standing out continually over the years we are in the market.

Waleu is arranged into sectors that add people with similar skills and abilities, but with different ideas, so the innovation process is constant and the solutions presented to the everyday problems end up becoming more feasible and realistic.

Our employees are the ones responsible for the growth of company´s leadership and culture in the market, whether taking part in strategic processes or encouraging our progress through the excitement in their attitudes, Waleu´s results are closely linked to the professional and personal achievements of this select group of people that make Waleu an increasingly human company.

In order to accomplish this, Waleu provides favorable team work conditions and wellness. Modern and spacious facilities, combined with modern and updated equipment allow a more effective and efficient work, reducing stress levels and creating a pleasant and productive organizational atmosphere, wearing out less of those key components for the continued growth and development.
New brand and new mascot
New brand and new mascot.
Following market trends.

Has grown and changed in these last 38 years, as well as its relationship with the market, however, we needed to update our communication. Thinking about this a modification was performed in all company´s visual identity. The former logo gave way to a modern design, with easy viewing, tracking market trends and new Waleu´s purposes and positioning.


Developing, manufacturing and marketing school and office supplies with suitable technology to plastic following generating business sustainability.


Being a benchmark for excellence in our products and the number "1" in our industry.


Customer´s satisfaction. (any business´s reason for existing). Commitment and partnership with customers, employees and suppliers. Respect for the environment. (The guarantee of a new tomorrow). Proud to be Waleu.

Many interpretations, but two are key. The silhouette of an open hand, meaning all those who support and sustain the company, keeping everything in its place and strengthening the brand, as you can see an open folder, one of the main icons of the segment where Waleu operates.

This change in visual identity led to a series of benefits and new investments in communication, from new packaging to the birth of Waleuzinho, the company´s ruler mascot that brought us near customers, humanizing the brand and allowing greater identification with all our products. Friendly, Waleuzinho represents us in advertisements and its presence at trade shows and events is always a great success.


Environment is all environment
Understanding the importance of the topic and ability to meet the company´s modern needs and practices, a few years ago Waleu developed and applies policies in order to keep sustainability.

Our line of school supplies made entirely from recycled PET bottles proved to be a success, both in the production process and the public´s acceptance. The decrease in paper usage and awareness of the use and importance of recycling, conscious consumption, selective waste collection and water treatment are widely disseminated through internal actions such as bulletins and murals.

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